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Looking for assistance in marketing your practice in a non-traditional, high tech way? You're entering the world of the Virtual Marketing Assistant--where you can find an assistant to help move you along with your marketing plan but without hiring an employee.

Perhaps you're a solo who knows that you can't do it all alone--your time is spent on billable hours. Or perhaps you have in-house staff, but they're busy with client work or they aren't interested in assisting you with your marketing efforts, and you need an assistant but you don't want to hire additional staff.

Whatever your reason, you've found the newest approach to working with an assistant without hiring an employee. Your Virtual Marketing Assistant (VMA) works as a contractor, so you avoid all the costs associated with hiring an employee. The FAQ page provides details on the types of tasks that can be accomplished virtually.

Take a look around, and if you've got further questions or you're ready to explore the possibility of working with a VMA, call, e-mail, or use the Contact Us section, and we'll be in touch.



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Newest VMA

Virtual Marketing Assistants welcomes Gabrielle to our VMA team. Gabrielle has experience in a variety of administrative capacities and is based in Texas.



VMA Spotlight

Teresa's worked in various marketing capacities in the corporate environment before becoming a VMA. Teresa recently completed her MBA in Marketing and is based in Pennsylvania.